Remaining schedule for wild card contenders

The remaining schedules for the wild card contenders are summarized conveniently below the cut. The "Not Dead Yet" Kids aren't in the worst position, but unfortunately, the Pads look to have a schedule advantage based largely on home/road ratio.

I think that the Padres have pole position right now because of schedule and (duh) the game and a half lead. I think that the Dodgers and Rockies may kill each other off and be helped in the killing by the Dbacks. Here's hoping, anyway.

Looking ahead, the Phils have:

Mets - 3R
Nationals - 4R
Cardinals - 3R
Braves - 3H
Nationals - 3H

It's not a bad schedule, though more on the road than I would like (6H v. 10R). The Mets may be on cruise control, plus we've got Eaton pitching! On the flip side, the pitching is even more M*A*S*H now than it was and the Mets might be a little upset over the last series. A 1-2 split would be ok by me there. The Nats are dead, and the Cardinals are folding fast (5 out of division, and 9 back in the wild card). The Braves are five back in the WC, and will likely be dead by the time the Phillies play them. The best thing about this schedule is that nobody is really playing for anything here except the Phillies.

The Pads have it easier, IMHO. 10H v. 7R games, plus they play only two winning teams. They have no days off, however. I'm cheering for the Cubs and Brewers to keep it tight till the very end:
Giants - 3H
Pirates - 4H
Rockies - 3H
Giants - 3R
Brewers - 4R

The Dodgers' schedule looks like murder:
Dbacks - 3H
Rockies - 4R
Dbacks - 3R
Rockies - 3H
Giants - 3R

The Rockies - also looks tough:
Marlins - 3H
Dodgers - 4H
Padres - 3R
Dodgers - 3R
Dbacks - 3H

If the Braves weren't five back (4.5 till the LAD/PAD game finishes tonight), I'd like their chances -- their schedule is very favorable, but I think that they're too deeply buried right now to make it. (Nats, Fish, and Astros sandwiched around series with the Phils and Brewers).