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Rowand's career year?

Perfect time to have a creer year.  30 years old, hard working, tough as nails CF putting up the best numbers in the league at his position in the last year of his contract.  It doesn't get much better for Team Rowand as they look to cash in on his hard playing style and big bat.

Well, at least it looked that way for a while, but now his career year has fallen off a bit and not looking as good as it once did.

I have been tough on Rowand, but, his fortunes and the Phillies fortunes are linked very closely, and I want him to finish out the year very strongly.  I am jusy not so sure he has it in him.

Rowands month by month breakdown:

April: .378 .462 .622 1.084
May: .274 .331 .396 .727
June: .297 .388 .446 .833
July: .352 .381 .659 1.041
August: .264 .350 .491 .841
September: .321 .333 .472 .805

Total: .311 .376 .512 .888

What had been a great year has turned into a very good year.  However, looking at the last two months, his good year has been bouyed recently by mostly singles as his homeruns and walks have tailed off.

He has had just 1 walk and 1 homerun in September (13 games).  He has had just 2 homeruns since August 22nd.  Rowand also struckout 35 times in August and 9 so far in September.  35 times was almost more than double any other month.  

Rowand has had his second best year so far (2004 was a bit better).  He also has enjoyed playing in CBP where he hits like a superstar .326 .390 .574 .964 16 HR  versus on the road, where he plays more like you would expect Aaron Rowand to play, .294 .361 .450 .811 7 HR.  Let's hope he can pick it up over the last 15 games, because, we need him to hit well, and NOTHING will help his payday more than putting up good numbers in the playoffs.