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Pop Quiz...

This question seems to be an easy one.  Without looking (you cheaters) which Phillie leads the team in OBP?

Chase is hitting .333, maybe him?

Pat has 106 walks, maybe it's him?

Well, now you probably know it's not either of them.  It's Jayson Werth, yeah, that guy.  

Werth: .427
Utley: .412
Burrell: .407

Werth may be one of the biggest surprises on this team (many will say Dobbs!, but I don't think it is even close).  The Phillies needed a couple of lesser names to step up, and nobody has stepped up like Jayson Werth.

His current line is: .320 .427 .457 .884

and since the All-Star break: .374 .481 .527 1.008

He has been hitting lefties very well: .358 .454 .506 .960

But has also been good enough against righties: .296 .406 .430 .836

He hasn't even been taking advantage of Citizen's Bank Park.

Home: .346 .432 .402 .834 (0 HR!)
Away: .294 .417 .514 .931

What impresses me the most is his patience.  40 walks in 264 PAs.  That is pretty impressive and equal to Ryan Howard's walk rate.  I have been pretty high on Burrell due to his play since the all-star break, but Werth has been almost as much of reason why we are winning.  

He hasn't shown much power for a big guy (he's listed as 6-4 210), but if he gets on base as he has, it might not matter much.  Who knows if this is justa fluke, but if he keeps this up, he may find himself with a starting spot in right field next year.