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If the Phillies win the division...

We can point to Thursday, August 30th as the reason why.

The difference between being 2 back of the Mets and 4 back is huge.  I am not bing on putting a lot of significance on one game, but (and you know but always means you will) I will.  Right now the Phils are still a managable 4 games behind the Mets with 3 to play against them.  Not easy, and the Phils have a tougher road ahead of them, but much easier than if they had lost that game.

That would be the difference between 4 games back and 6 games back right now.  4 games back is still in the realm of possible (albeit on the low end).  6 games back is in the realm of improbable.  I need some good history for once.  I need the Phils to take over the division and for me to remember that game for the rest of time.  

Or better yet, give me some more games to remember.