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Can the Padres Please Lose?

Today, the Padres finish their 4 game series with the Pirates.  It's probably the best chance the Phils have of seeing the Padres lose, as drifter Bret Tomko (5.50 ERA) faces fellow drifter Matt Morris (4.84 ERA).

Over their last six games, all of which they've won, the Padres have outscored their opponents 29-11.  (In contrast, the Phillies let up 11 runs in one game during their six-game win streak.)

The good news is that the easy part of the home stretch for the Padres is coming to a close.  Their six wins have come against the Giants and Pirates, two of the worst teams in baseball.  And they've all been at home.  After today, seven of their next ten games are against the Brewers and Rockies, decidedly stiffer competition.  And their last seven games are on the road, where they have a much worse record (2 games over .500 compared to 15 games over at home).