Rollins may break MLB single season AB record

Apropos of nothing, I noted tonight during Rollins' at-bat in the top of the eighth inning that he has 677 at bats this year. Willie Wilson (yes, him) had 707 ABs in....1980 (Amen), which is the MLB single season record.

After tonight, the Phillies have nine games remaining. Assuming no injuries and that Rollins doesn't turn into a walking machine, we can safely assume that Rollins will get 4 or 5 ABs per game. Four times nine is 36. Plus 677 (assuming no more tonight) is 713, which is a record.

What does this mean? It means Rollins doesn't walk; he plays every day; and he is at the top of a lineup that turns over a lot. Still, it's sort of an interesting sideline to occupy us in the event that the playoff chase goes horribly wrong.