Feliz Navidad!

[editor's note, by dajafi] Promoted from the diaries, mostly so I don't have to write anything more about this travesty of a mockery of a sham. Don't expect this to end other than in a blazing firestorm of shitty at-bats and a plethora of outs.

3b Pedro Feliz (he of the .288 career OBP) will provide some much-needed discipline on the right side of the infield.

It's a 2 year deal.

Is this in any way shape or form an upgrade? On the plus side... Well, I don't know what the plus side is. 20 HRs from 3b from one guy? That should be something kinda new. Maybe Manuel can work his man-magic and turn Feliz into the superstar his tools suggest he oughta be. Get that .288 OBP up to a .388, and he'll be mashin 40 HRs in no time.