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NLDS Game One Thread, Brewers at Phillies

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Milwaukee Brewers
@ Philadelphia Phillies

Wednesday, Oct 1, 2008, 3:00 PM EDT
Citizens Bank Park

Yovani Gallardo vs Cole Hamels

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The Brewers return to the site of their September Shaming looking to exorcise the demons of 26 years of consistent mediocrity, and the Phillies look to overcome the disappointment of last year's blink-and-you-missed-it NLDS sweep-o-rama at the hands of the Colorado Rockies.

Of course most of the pressure in this game -- and the series as a whole -- is on the Phillies. Pretty much every "expert" has picked the Phillies to win this series, and winning Game One today is of extreme importance. Imagine going into Game Two against CC Sabathia, facing the very real possibility of going down 0-2 and heading out to Milwaukee needing to sweep. Yeah, I don't like that either.

Cole Hamels goes for the Phillies today. Hopefully he's wearing an appropriate undershirt, unlike last year. The real X-Factor in this game is Yovani Gallardo, making just his second start since coming back from knee surgery this spring. He dominated a weak Pirates lineup last week in a four inning tune-up start. Hopefully the Phillies can knock him around a bit, get him out of the game early, and feast on the Brewers messy bullpen.

Let's go!

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