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Big game tonight...

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While the title is certainly an understatement, I mean, all these games are BIG, tonight's is especially big.  I think it not only our best pitching matchup but also gives the Phillis an opportunity to right the wrong they did in this series.

Right now we are looking at these matchups:

Game 5: Hamels vs Billingsly

Game 6: Myers vs Kuroda

Game 7: Moyer/Blanton vs Lowe

Billingsly is obviously their best pitcher here, but Hamels is better and we have the pitching advantage (though we are in their park).  Kuroda has somehow baffled our hitters repeatedly and Myers has had bad outings in 3 of his last 4 games.  I am not worried, but it is a dsconcerning trend.  Then game 7 is really slanted towards the Dodgers, ESPECIALLY if you believe in momentum (I am mixed on it) cause it means that they beat our two best pitchers and now how Lowe up against our 3/4.

Taking it a step further, if Hamels can close out this game, it makes it gives a longer rest to Myers.  What that does for me is to plan to start Myers 3 times in the WS.  Games 1, 4 and 7 should all be planned to be Myers starts.  The extra rest and the fact that he has done it once before, this year, makes him the better candidate between him and Hamels.  I mean, I'd rather have Hamels pitch 3 games, but I am going with the more realistic scenario here.

Here's to Hamels baffling the Dodgers again and Billingsly choking again.