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World Series Game Thread, Game Four: Rays at Phillies

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Tampa Bay Rays
@ Philadelphia Phillies

Sunday, Oct 26, 2008, 8:29 PM EDT
Citizens Bank Park

Andy Sonnanstine vs Joe Blanton

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So, anything interesting happen last night?

Tonight the Phillies go for a commanding 3-to-1 Series lead, sending new-ish Phillie Joe Blanton to the mound against young Tampa righthander Andy Sonnanstine. A 3-1 lead, with Cole Hamels set for Game Five. Dare to dream? The Rays would do well to win this one, eh?

So far, Blanton has been solid if not spectacular in the postseason. Sonnanstine has been good, picking up a win against Chicago in the ALDS and winning Game Four of the ALCS against Boston behind a 13 run Rays attack, despite allowing four runs in seven and a third innings.

In more important news, I will be in attendance tonight. This will be my FIRST World Series game. I could hardly be more excited. If they win tonight, I will be a mess. I think dajafi is going to be there too, so play nice while we're gone. GO PHILS!!!