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My WS MVP predictions and other stuff...

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Don't worry, I am predicting who the MVP will be in all instances.  So, not black cat.

Phils win in 5: Cole Hamels (unless he gets roughed up an we win, but this seems like a lock).

Phils win in 6: Carlos Ruiz.  He is hitting .417 and has an OPS of 1.396

Phils win in 7: Ryan Howard.  He'll have another game against a righty, and if we are to win in the Trop in a game 7, we'll need at least one homer from Howard.

Rays win in 7: BJ Upton.  If the Rays are going to win, he'll have to play ridiculous over the next 3 games.  He is probably the only player on that team who could actually do it.

Some other tidbits:

OPS For: .785
OPS Against: .522

Leaders in OPS:

Bruntlett: 1.833
Blanton: 1.667
Ruiz: 1.396
Howard: 1.362
Werth: 1.326
Utley: .968
Dobbs. .833
Rollins: .632
Feliz: .619
Victorino: .544
Burrell: .200

Also, this could be Pat's last game as a Phillie.  In fact, I am pretty sure it will be.  I'll miss Pat on a few levels.  He became my cause celebre, and I am pretty sure he owes me at least 2 cases of beer for sticking by him through the tough times.  I'll also miss him as I like lone time Phillies who are under rated and worthy of playing here.  That being said, I think I am ok with him leaving.  I have never been a fan of Manuel and this team looks poised to win despite his mismanaging.  That means Pat would continue to be a part time player here, for at least 3 more years (the minimum of a contract) and I think that is too frustrating for Pat and me (as a fan).  Here's hoping that Pat takes one deep in what could be his final game.