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World Series Game 5: Pre-game chat

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This is it people.  This could finally be the day we've all been waiting for as Phillies fans.  28 years of frustration may finally come to close.  If we win today, good things to come out of this:

Finally get to stop living in the past.  Yay 1980 team.  Now go back where you came from, we got a new dog in town.

Finally get to stop hearing about the lightning in a bottle.  Man, I loved that team when it happened, I almost hate them now.  At the very least, they go to the back burner cause this team has equaled or passed their achivements.

The city can stop having it's pity party.  How come they focus on the Cubs?  How come they focused on the Red Sox.  We play whiney little brother too much.  However, if we do win, the focus then goes completely on the Cubs for another 100 years.  I guess that's a drawback.

Cole Hamel's superstardom.  He is on the brink and hopefully he can eclipse all that came before him. 

A repeat next year.  Yeah, I said it.  Jimmy's next.  We gonna win 140 games baby!

Met's fans.  HAHA!