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World Series Game Four Recap: Delayed "Lost a contact lens" edition

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Has something truly unfortunate ever happened to you on the day of a tremendous occasion that you've been looking forward to for, well, your entire adult life?

Thanks to my wife's 30th birthday gift of a 2008 Phillies Sunday season ticket plan to me, I was able to get tickets to last night's game.  Just, wow.  Greatest birthday gift ever?  Now I'm on notice for her 30th birthday next year.  Anyone know what it'd take to coax Pete Sampras out of retirement?

Contact lens wearers should sympathize with me.  I lost a contact lens before the game last night.  Don't even know what happened, but the dreaded blur-and-PLOP! from my left eyeball occurred around 7 PM.  And being the dope that I am, I didn't bring a spare pair of glasses, and I live two hours from the ballpark, so I got to watch the game in a smudgy binocular haze from my otherwise excellent seats.  Thankfully I still had my dominant eye, and I saw well enough to know that it was a TREMENDOUS game and that I really, really promise never to call Joe Blanton "Cookies" ever again.

Anyway, there can be little doubt that yesterday was the greatest Philadelphia sports day in, well... ever?  An Eagles victory, a Phillies World Series thrashing, coming the day after a landmark Penn State victory over THE Ohio State University.  Does it get any better?

And at the risk of speaking too soon, unless Evan Longoria picks it up, I am left to wonder if the crowd and its "EVA!" chants are just completely emasculating the poor li'l fella.  I have no reason to doubt that he's a nice human being and a terrific young ballplayer, but the savages in this town are just ruining him.  I feel kind of skeezy, like I'm watching dog fights or bear baiting, but I don't care.