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World Series Game 5: Pre-game chat Part II: The Final Three Innings

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Ok people, here we are.  Instead of bitching and moaning, we should be appreciative that we actually get to celebrate game 5 over three full days!  I, for one, am greatful, just because I actually got some sleep and didn't miss any baseball.  So, what should we do?  Not often do you have such time like this to discuss mid-game decisions.  Cole is obviously out, which means a pinch hitter is going to lead off the bottom of the 6th.  It better not be So Taguchi. 

I am guessing he comes out with Dobbs, prompting the Rays to put in Price.  I consider that a decent tradeoff since we then have Rollins and Werth up to hit against him.  Do you let dobbs hit, or put in Coste?