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Jimmy Rollins Trade Rumor? Don't Believe It

Making the round this week are rumors that the Phillies will listen to trade offers involving Jimmy Rollins.

I have absolutely no inside information, but I have to believe this is just completely false.  I cannot imagine a scenario in which the Phillies would realistically think of trading Jimmy Rollins.  (OK, maybe that's a stretch - a trade of Rollins for David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Johan Santana with the Mets eating the salary difference is one I'd consider.)  There are countless reasons why:

  • He's a fan favorite.
  • He's a Gold Glove shortstop that is a key part of the Phillies' excellent up-the-middle defense.
  • At $7.5M per year for 2009 and 2010 with an $8.5M club option for 2011, Rollins is an MLB bargain.
  • He's a recent MVP and three-time All-Star who is entering only his age 30 season.
  • His OBP is getting better as he gets older (.334 in 2006, .344 in 2007, .349 in 2008).
  • His SLG had been improving as well (.431 in 2005, .478 in 2006, .531 in 2007), but this year it was down significantly (.437).  Many (including myself) speculated that his power struggles this year were due to lingering effects of his early injury.
  • He's durable, with only one stint on the DL in his career.
  • He's a great baserunner (47 for 50 this year), contributing to the Phillies' historically great efficiency on the basepaths.
  • The Phillies have no one near his caliber ready to replace him as their every-day shortstop.

Jimmy Rollins is too valuable a property for the Phillies to consider trading.  Don't believe any of the rumors to the contrary that are circulating.