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Phils Acquire C Ronny Paulino

Earlier this evening, the Phillies beat writers announced that a trade was "imminent," setting pulses racing throughout the blogiverse of the world champs. Well, we all can calm down: the swap, at least in itself, is about as inconsequential as you can imagine. Scott Lauber has the news:

So, it seems the "small trade" mentioned by Ruben Amaro Jr. will be a swap of catchers. The Phils will send Class AAA catcher Jason Jaramillo to the Pirates for Ronny Paulino, a .278 hitter in parts of four seasons.

Paulino, 27, is a major-league-caliber catcher, so this figures to fuel the speculation that Chris Coste will be packaged in a trade, perhaps the multi-team deal that would bring Mark DeRosa to Philly. 

As Lauber says, the real story here has to do with the next shoe to fall: the team now has a surplus of catchers, with starter Carlos Ruiz, backup Coste, backup Paulino, and top prospect Lou Marson. On its face, this seems like a bit of an upgrade: Paulino is decent as reserve catchers go, and obviously Jaramillo--whom the Phils at one time liked so much they drafted him twice, signing him the second time as a 2nd round pick in 2004--had fallen out of grace when Marson was promoted ahead of him in September. But he can't match Coste's bat (or backstory), and Marson is no more than a year away, probably less. So something else must be afoot.