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Phillies finalize terms with LF Raul Ibanez -- 3 years, $30MM

ESPN is reporting that the Phillies have come to terms with Seattle Mariners left fielder Raul Ibanez on a 3 year deal worth $30 million.  The Pat Burrell Era has officially come to a close.

Three years is about what I was expecting, $30MM is a bit less than I was expecting so that's good I guess.  All in all though I'm not terribly excited: Ibanez's defense is poor, and he's a lefty hitter in a lineup where the best remaining right handed hitter is Jayson Werth.  Oh, and they lose their first round draft pick too.  They could've had Adam Dunn -- more productive, younger -- and not lost the pick.

Hey, Flags Fly Forever.


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