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Phillies Re-Sign Jamie Moyer

The ultimate good guy is back.  The Phillies today re-signed Jamie Moyer to a two year deal, with terms as yet undisclosed.  Last year, Moyer posted a 3.71 ERA, going 16-7.  He struggled mightily in his two NLDS and NLCS appearances, but rebounded to throw an important quality start in game 3 of the World Series.

I would have preferred a one year deal, but Moyer wasn't going to take that.  So, in the realm of what's possible, as long as this isn't too pricey, it's probably a good move.  Moyer still has it, even for a guy who is going to be pitching through the age of 47.  Of course, if he were a power pitcher, there would be reason for concern.  But Moyer relies on outwitting his hitters, which he hopefully will still be able to do as he gets closer to 50.

One question though: with adding Ibanez and Park and now re-signing Moyer, is Amaro making this team too old?

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