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Stiffed by Santa? Win a FREE Copy of the 2008 World Series DVD Set

CONGRATULATIONS, JEMAGEE, for being a fan on the Left Coast and for keeping it short and sweet, the set is yours!

Thanks to everyone for participating.

UPDATE: Thank you for all the excellent entries.  I will read them all and make my decision over the next couple of days; peyote and Captain Beefheart's Doc at the Radar Station may be utilized as emotional purifying agents.

Let's face it: Santa's a creep.  Slave labor, creeping down your chimney like a Chris Hansen suspect.  And: He didn't get you what you wanted most: The 8-disc 2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series DVD set, from A&E Home Video.



I have my copy, and it's dynamite.  Full versions of the television broadcast of all five World Series games, plus Games 4 and 5 of the NLCS, plus a bonus disc containing 2008 season highlights.  It's a must-have; Championships don't come our way very often.

Now you can WIN YOUR OWN COPY.  We have ONE copy to give away, and it can be yours!


Tell us, in 50 words OR LESS, why you deserve this set.  Submit entries in the Comments to this story.  Be creative, be truthful, be funny, be maudlin.  But be prompt: Entries must be received by 12 noon on Monday, January 5, 2009.

Judging will be entirely subjective and at my whim.

Good luck to all!