Phils make offer to Lowe

Per MLB Trade Rumors

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Primary source, Boston Globe)

As I commented on Neduol Caz's fanpost regarding the Burrell arbitration issue: "I’ll hold up my hand and say I was wrong if Amaro uses the money saved to sign a free agent starter."  Well, Lowe is far from signed, but I can now give Amaro credit for having a plan.

I know it will cost a 1st round pick and a 4-year deal in the neighborhood of $60 million, but Derek Lowe would be the perfect addition to this rotation.  He'd slot in at No. 2 behind Hamels and give the Phils a formidable rotation going forward.  And with Myers likely leaving at the end of the year, Lowe would also give the club some security in their rotation beyond next season.

Hopefully the Red Sox are focused on Teixeira and the Yanks on Sabathia, and the Phils can steal a march here.  And at the very least, it will hopefully drive up the price if the Mets decide to get involved.

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