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Lidge tweaks knee; fans crap pants

UPDATE: Arthroscopic surgery for Lidge! Three to six weeks recovery. Whether he'll be ready for Opening Day remains to be seen, but I doubt it. Don't you looooooooovve this team?

Well, it only took one pitch, but the Phillies' brand new closer/overpriced late inning reliever Brad Lidge felt a twinge in his surgically repaired knee while throwing off the mound, limped off the field and shut it down.

With limited information and insistence from all parties that it's nothing serious, I guess it's not time to fly off the handle, but I can't imagine that there's anyone not having Freddy Garcia flashbacks right now.

What are the odds that Brett Myers boobytrapped the mound to get his old job back?  Trying to adorably recapture the national spotlight after the phenomenally successful Kyle Kendrick prank?

Myers (standing over Lidge, who is on the ground clutching his knee and writhing in pain):  "You just got PUNK'D!!"

(graemlin courtesy j.karn)