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Myers to start Opening Day

Zolecki writes, "Charlie Manuel explained that they made the move for match up reasons, but it wouldn't be surprising if they also made the decision to boost Myers, who they returned to the rotation after making him the closer last season."

I get the value of keeping Myers happy, and he'll be amped up for the start. I guess it's also kind of cool that just as 2007 (the good part, anyway) ended with Myers battling the Nationals, 2008 will begin the same way.

But this is dumb. If the Opening Day slot means anything, it should go to the ace--and, with no disrespect to Myers, we all know who that is. Perhaps worse is that said ace will now pitch a night game, on April 2, rather than the presumably warmer afternoon start two days earlier. Maybe I'm overly paranoid about Hamels and his health--but if there's one thing to go overboard about, that's surely it.