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John Patterson Released: Scoop Him Up

The Washington Nationals have released John Patterson.  Patterson has been limited by injury much of his career, but he's shown loads of talent when healthy.  He had a 9-7 record and 3.15 ERA in 2005.  He's had elbow and arm problems since then, but he reported to camp this year healthy.

However, it appears that his velocity has been down and the Nationals were no longer willing to take their time with him.  On a team without much pitching, that's surprising.  But, there's no reason the Phillies shouldn't scoop him up and try to fit him into their system immediately.

Yes, they have lots of peripheral fifth starters, but there's no harm in adding one more, especially one with an upside way beyond that of any of the other members of the motley crew.

A pitcher dropped by the Nationals in spring training isn't going to command a lot of money.  Phillies, go get him.