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TGP Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

The Good Phight Fantasy League has been drafted and thanks to Japan, the season has already started.  Since this is the first post in this section, I'll post each round and if people want to make their comments, go right ahead.  I just hope the editor allows me to post everything.  I'll also comment on my move and why it sucked so badly.

Here are the first 15 rounds, because I can't put more than that in one entry and the last 6 rounds were pretty much garbage time anyway.

Round 1:

1. Álex Rodríguez team jonk
2. Hanley Ramírez 700 Level
3. David Wright The Foul Zone
4. José Reyes Occam Razors
5. Johan Santana Philafornia
6. Chase Utley Slumping Slu...
7. Jake Peavy Productive Outs
8. Matt Holliday MyersWifebea...
9. Miguel Cabrera trade4ericsnow
10. Albert Pujols Cloggin up t...
11. Jimmy Rollins Ottoman Umpires
12. Prince Fielder Jackie Treehorn
13. Ryan Howard Los Mini Pigs
14. Ryan Braun Sobchak Secu...

I drafted first and I was debating between ARod, Wright and Ramirez.  Ramirez only because he is almost in a league of his own with respect to shortstops.  What did it for me is based on our points criteria, ARod had 584.7 points last year and the second place guy, Prince Fielder, had 501.4.  Let's hope for a repeat.

Round 2:

1. Brandon Webb Sobchak Secu...
2. Alfonso Soriano Los Mini Pigs
3. Grady Sizemore Jackie Treehorn
4. Carl Crawford Ottoman Umpires
5. David Ortiz Cloggin up t...
6. Vladimir Guerrero trade4ericsnow
7. Ichiro Suzuki MyersWifebea...
8. C.C. Sabathia Productive Outs
9. Mark Teixeira Slumping Slu...
10. John Smoltz Philafornia
11. Carlos Beltrán Occam Razors
12. Víctor Martínez The Foul Zone
13. Brandon Phillips 700 Level
14. Adam Dunn team jonk

I had to wait 26 picks before I went next, and the top 2 pitchers were already gone.  I went with Dunn who is fairly safe considering we count walks almost as much as singles.

Round 3:

1. Nick Swisher team jonk
2. B.J. Upton 700 Level
3. Curtis Granderson The Foul Zone
4. Russell Martin Occam Razors
5. Erik Bedard Philafornia
6. Josh Beckett Slumping Slu...
7. Cole Hamels Productive Outs
8. Joe Mauer MyersWifebea...
9. Troy Tulowitzki trade4ericsnow
10. Carlos Lee Cloggin up t...
11. Lance Berkman Ottoman Umpires
12. Robinson Canó Jackie Treehorn
13. Brian Roberts Los Mini Pigs
14. Derek Jeter Sobchak Secu...

I went back to back and then took Swisher.  Swisher should be able to put up good slugging numbers in Chicago and he plays 3 posisiton. 

Round 4:

1. John Lackey Sobchak Secu...
2. Aramis Ramírez Los Mini Pigs
3. Corey Hart Jackie Treehorn
4. Magglio Ordóñez Ottoman Umpires
5. Álex Ríos Cloggin up t...
6. Dan Haren trade4ericsnow
7. Justin Verlander MyersWifebea...
8. Carlos Zambrano Productive Outs
9. Carlos Guillén Slumping Slu...
10. Aaron Harang Philafornia
11. Chipper Jones Occam Razors
12. Ian Kinsler The Foul Zone
13. Justin Morneau 700 Level
14. Scott Kazmir team jonk

I wasn't aware of his injury, but Kazmir led the league in Ks last year and I am hoping the Rays will be somewhat improved to help with his wins. 

Round 5:

1. Javier Vázquez team jonk
2. Roy Halladay 700 Level
3. Travis Hafner The Foul Zone
4. Manny Ramírez Occam Razors
5. Roy Oswalt Philafornia
6. Eric Byrnes Slumping Slu...
7. Ben Sheets Productive Outs
8. Derrek Lee MyersWifebea...
9. Jonathan Papelbon trade4ericsnow
10. Chone Figgins Cloggin up t...
11. J.J. Putz Ottoman Umpires
12. Tim Lincecum Jackie Treehorn
13. Nick Markakis Los Mini Pigs
14. Bobby Abreu Sobchak Secu...

I grabbed Vazquez because I couldn't decide on him or Kazmir.  So, I took both.

Round 6:

1. Brett Myers Sobchak Secu...
2. Chris Young Los Mini Pigs
3. Chris Young Jackie Treehorn
4. Garrett Atkins Ottoman Umpires
5. Hunter Pence Cloggin up t...
6. Delmon Young trade4ericsnow
7. Ryan Zimmerman MyersWifebea...
8. Brian McCann Productive Outs
9. Daisuke Matsuzaka Slumping Slu...
10. Joba Chamberlain Philafornia
11. Torii Hunter Occam Razors
12. Francisco Rodríguez The Foul Zone
13. Matt Cain 700 Level
14. Dan Uggla team jonk

I was hoping that Myers would last a bit longer, but I figured I had to get something decent from a middle infield position.  In our system, Uggla had the sencond most points last year to Utley. 

Round 7:

1. Jeremy Bonderman team jonk
2. Carlos Peña 700 Level
3. Félix Hernández The Foul Zone
4. Joe Nathan Occam Razors
5. Jason Bay Philafornia
6. Jorge Posada Slumping Slu...
7. Matt Kemp Productive Outs
8. Plácido Polanco MyersWifebea...
9. James Loney trade4ericsnow
10. Rafael Furcal Cloggin up t...
11. Takashi Saito Ottoman Umpires
12. Alex Gordon Jackie Treehorn
13. Michael Young Los Mini Pigs
14. Brad Hawpe Sobchak Secu...

Starters were getting weaker and I am looking for a bounce back from Bonderman, especially with the improved lineup.  I probably could have done more, but I spent most of my time looking at Uggla that I made a quick decision on Bonderman.

Round 8:

1. Billy Wagner Sobchak Secu...
2. Fausto Carmona Los Mini Pigs
3. Yovani Gallardo Jackie Treehorn
4. José Valverde Ottoman Umpires
5. Francisco Cordero Cloggin up t...
6. Bobby Jenks trade4ericsnow
7. Kelvim Escobar MyersWifebea...
8. Gary Sheffield Productive Outs
9. Kevin Youkilis Slumping Slu...
10. Todd Helton Philafornia
11. Adrián González Occam Razors
12. Stephen Drew The Foul Zone
13. Kosuke Fukudome 700 Level
14. Pat Burrell team jonk

I think Pat was a pretty good pick at this position despite needing a defensive replacement (or at least getting one). 

Round 9:

1. Jack Cust team jonk
2. Vernon Wells 700 Level
3. Jeff Francoeur The Foul Zone
4. Kelly Johnson Occam Razors
5. Andruw Jones Philafornia
6. Brad Penny Slumping Slu...
7. Miguel Tejada Productive Outs
8. Rich Hill MyersWifebea...
9. Kenji Johjima trade4ericsnow
10. Mariano Rivera Cloggin up t...
11. Paul Konerko Ottoman Umpires
12. Francisco Liriano Jackie Treehorn
13. Huston Street Los Mini Pigs
14. Jarrod Saltalamacchia Sobchak Secu...

Cust, one of those guys who came out of nowhere and are a sabre wet dream.  Of course, in his first game for me he went 0-4 with a HBP and 4Ks.  Then he went 0-0 in game 2 with a walk.  I think I read that 60% of his PAs go for walks, strikeouts or homeruns.  I love me some 3 true outcome guys.

Round 10:

1. Brad Lidge Sobchak Secu...
2. Josh Hamilton Los Mini Pigs
3. Billy Butler Jackie Treehorn
4. Juan Pierre Ottoman Umpires
5. Howie Kendrick Cloggin up t...
6. Dustin McGowan trade4ericsnow
7. Jhonny Peralta MyersWifebea...
8. Manny Corpas Productive Outs
9. Hideki Matsui Slumping Slu...
10. Jim Thome Philafornia
11. James Shields Occam Razors
12. J.J. Hardy The Foul Zone
13. John Maine 700 Level
14. Lastings Milledge team jonk

I love Lastings Milledge in a roto league where his good play across the board helps out a lot.  He plays all 3 outfield spots and I think he could get 40+ doubles in that park.

Round 11:

1. Ian Snell team jonk
2. Trevor Hoffman 700 Level
3. Rafael Soriano The Foul Zone
4. Shane Victorino Occam Razors
5. Chad Billingsley Philafornia
6. Édgar Rentería Slumping Slu...
7. Carlos Mármol Productive Outs
8. Rick Ankiel MyersWifebea...
9. Dustin Pedroia trade4ericsnow
10. Chad Cordero Cloggin up t...
11. Rickie Weeks Ottoman Umpires
12. Joakim Soria Jackie Treehorn
13. Ted Lilly Los Mini Pigs
14. Pedro Martínez Sobchak Secu...

I hate the Pirates and I never trust any of their young pitchers (see Oliver Perez who I predicted would compete for a Cy Young after his breakout year) but in round 11, Snell is a good pick.  I thought Pedro, but he will be an injury risk for the rest of his career and that ain't worth it when you factor in that he is a Met.

Round 12:

1. Jay Bruce Sobchak Secu...
2. Jason Isringhausen Los Mini Pigs
3. Clay Buchholz Jackie Treehorn
4. A.J. Burnett Ottoman Umpires
5. Matt Capps Cloggin up t...
6. Jered Weaver trade4ericsnow
7. Adam Wainwright MyersWifebea...
8. Brian Wilson Productive Outs
9. Johnny Damon Slumping Slu...
10. Adrián Béltre Philafornia
11. Jeff Francis Occam Razors
12. Adam Jones The Foul Zone
13. Jacoby Ellsbury 700 Level
14. Khalil Greene team jonk

Slim pickins on the shortstops, but Greene plays well in our league.  If fantasy baseball used park factors, I'd be a happy camper, but you gotta go with what is left.  Last year, Greene was 7th in fantasy points among shortstops and 3rd in extra base hits.

Round 13:

1. Rich Harden team jonk
2. Geovany Soto 700 Level
3. Phil Hughes The Foul Zone
4. Chien-Ming Wang Occam Razors
5. Jeremy Hermida Philafornia
6. Tim Hudson Slumping Slu...
7. Edwin Encarnación Productive Outs
8. B.J. Ryan MyersWifebea...
9. Iván Rodríguez trade4ericsnow
10. Derek Lowe Cloggin up t...
11. Oliver Pérez Ottoman Umpires
12. Justin Upton Jackie Treehorn
13. Orlando Cabrera Los Mini Pigs
14. Conor Jackson Sobchak Secu...

I think his win against the Red Socks is all I need to say about Harden.  At least, for now.

Round 14:

1. Orlando Hudson Sobchak Secu...
2. Troy Percival Los Mini Pigs
3. Eric Gagne Jackie Treehorn
4. Kevin Gregg Ottoman Umpires
5. Tony Peña Cloggin up t...
6. Dontrelle Willis trade4ericsnow
7. George Sherrill MyersWifebea...
8. Jermaine Dye Productive Outs
9. Joe Blanton Slumping Slu...
10. Freddy Sánchez Philafornia
11. Joe Borowski Occam Razors
12. David DeJesús The Foul Zone
13. Mike Lowell 700 Level
14. Jason Varitek team jonk

Was just drafting for best players at my open positions at this point.  Not a Varitek fan, but he has patience and was the #4 fantasy catcher last year in points.

Round 15:

1. Kerry Wood team jonk
2. Gil Meche 700 Level
3. Jonathan Broxton The Foul Zone
4. Todd Jones Occam Razors
5. Zack Greinke Philafornia
6. Jeremy Guthrie Slumping Slu...
7. Bill Hall Productive Outs
8. Scot Shields MyersWifebea...
9. Yunel Escobar trade4ericsnow
10. A.J. Pierzynski Cloggin up t...
11. Curt Schilling Ottoman Umpires
12. Matt Garza Jackie Treehorn
13. Bronson Arroyo Los Mini Pigs
14. Ubaldo Jiménez Sobchak Secu...

Needed a reliever.  I usually like the RP/SP in points leagues because while they are likely worse than closers, they can rack up more points.  Wood is the Cubs closer now, and was worth a shot in round 15.

The rest wasn't that great anyway.  I took Giambi (who is still a beast when not injured), Frank Thomas, Claudio Vargas (was still on the team at the time!) and 2 Yahoo! autopicks.  Here is to a good year and people paying attention until the end.