Another Adam Eaton Gem

                                 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
A Eaton (L,0-3) 4 2-3 11 7 7 2 1 1

Seriously? This guy is the Phillies 5th starter going into the season? Again? Please. Just no. Hell, go with 4 starters...for real.

It's a great idea. We have several arms in the bullpen that can go multiple innings and we have a disgustingly wretched 5th starter in Adam Eaton. The man hurts the team and is simply one of the worst pitchers in professional baseball, as I've written about before. Sure, he *could* be considered an innings-eater. If he was eating those innings with a 4.5 ERA that would be one thing. But a 6+ ERA? He's not eating innings; he's blowing them up.

Hell, I almost forgot the money quote from our boy Eaton, said after this past game:

"I maybe stayed hard too much with cutters and fastballs," said Eaton, who concluded the spring with a 7.41 ERA, allowing 14 runs over 17 innings. "You have to give them credit. They have a good lineup and they hit some pretty good pitches today."

No comment necessary.

There's only one reason that this guy is still around. Actually, make that 16 million reasons. Yes folks, Adam Eaton is due 8 million a year for the next two years. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the misery of two more years of Adam Eaton. I don't root for players to get hurt since that would be uncouth. However, I wouldn't exactly be crying into my pillow if Eaton suddenly went down with a season-ending injury. Paying him 8 million to do nothing is a much better option than paying him 8 million to pitch 30 games a year.

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