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Comparing the NL East

I had wanted to do this over the weekend, but illness and laziness reared it's ugly head, so here I am doing it on opening day.  I am just going to do a simple breakdown of each position and how they compare to each other.  I am not going to bother weighting the position as the extra complexity will likely not add much value.



Phillies Ruiz 2.5 Potential, but needs slg north of .430 to be good
Mets Schneider 1.5 Surprisingly only 32, but really not good at all
Braves McCann 3.5 Young and inconsistent, not going to hit .333 again
Marlins Treanor 2 First year as starter and is already 32
Nationals Lo Duca 1.5 Average at best but likely to be much worse

1st Basemen:

Phillies Howard 4.5 Defense only negative
Mets Delgado 3 I think he bouncs back to around a .850 OPS
Braves Teixeira 4 In his prime but could be more patient
Marlins Jacobs 2.5 Average overall, OBP is weak
Nationals Johnson 3.5 Health always a concern, but good when healthy

2nd Basemen:

Phillies Utley 4.5 Best 2nd baseman in baseball
Mets Castillo 2.5 No more speed, but consistently gets on base
Braves Johnson 3 Good patience and decent power, entering prime
Marlins Uggla 3 Decent patience and good power, in prime
Nationals Belliard 2.5 Consistently average over career

Short Stop:

Phillies Rollins 3.5 Improving, but likely to regress to .830 OPS this year
Mets Reyes 3 Overrated, career .775 OPS, big steals and CS numbers
Braves Escobar 2.5 Last year inflated due to .326 BA
Marlins Ramirez 4.5 Young and improving, defense suspect
Nationals Guzman 1.5 Because he somehow put up an .846 OPS last year

3rd Base:

Phillies Feliz 2 Needs 30 homers to offset awful OBP
Mets Wright 5 If Mets make playoffs, MVP this year
Braves Jones 4.5 Aging, but posted 3rd best OPS of career last year
Marlins Cantu 2 Hit 28 HRs in TB in 2005?!?!
Nationals Zimmerman 3.5 Good, but not there yet

Left Field:

Phillies Burrell 3.5 Very consistent on a yearly basis but no speed and bad defense
Mets Alou 2.5 Alou injured and Chavez starting in left
Braves Diaz 2.5 Ridiculously high batting average and ZERO patience
Marlins Willingham 3 Decent power and patience
Nationals Dukes 2.5 Just injured and who knows with this head case

Center Field:

Phillies Victorino 3 In prime and speed helps him a bit
Mets Beltran 4 Good, but inconsistent
Braves Kotsay 2 Too old to get better
Marlins Ross 2.5 An enigma in his prime
Nationals Milledge 3 Young, but potential is there

Right Field:

Phillies Jenkins 2.5 Better if he only faces righties
Mets Church 3 Decent, but not ypung anymore
Braves Francouer 2.5 Overrated, career .781 OPS
Marlins Hermida 3.5 Injured, but young with good potential
Nationals Kearns 3 In prime, power has been a disappointment


Phillies Werth, Dobbs, Coste, Helms, Taguchi 3.5
Mets Chavez, Easly, Clark, Anderson, Casanova 2
Braves Miller, Gotay, Blanco, Prado, Infante 1.5
Marlins Hoover, Andino, Wood, Amezaga, Gonzalez 1.5
Nationals Flores, Boone, Young, Harris, Mackowiak 2.5


Starting Pitcher:

Phillies Cole Hamels 4.5 Young and getting better, needs to stay healthy
Mets Johan Santana 5 Best pitcher in the league, homers may be a weakness
Braves Tim Hudson 4 Good when he keeps homers down
Marlins Hendrickson 2 Career 5.01 ERA
Nationals Odalis Perez 1.5 ERA the last 3 years, 5.57, 5.64, 6.83

Starting Pitcher:

Phillies Myers 3.5 Keep him out of the bullpen
Mets Martinez 4 Injury always a concern, but still good
Braves Smoltz 4.5 Old man is an injury risk
Marlins Olson 2.5 Another enigma who could be good or awful
Nationals Chico 2 Awful K:BB ratio

Starting Pitcher:

Phillies Moyer 2.5 When on is good, when off is really bad
Mets Maine 3.5 Very good K rate
Braves Glavine 3 Faltered down the stretch, but likely to be servicable
Marlins Miller 2 Young and good K rate, but no success so far
Nationals Bergmann 2.5 If he can repeat last year

Starting Pitcher:

Phillies Kendrick 2 Awful K rate, but good walk, last year may be a mirage
Mets Perez 3 Another enigma who is great or horrible
Braves Hampton 2 Hasn't pitched since 2005
Marlins VandenHurk 2.5 Excellent K, bad walks and HR, but young
Nationals Redding 2 Going to miss the other park

Starting Pitcher:

Phillies Eaton 1.5 Can't be as bad as last year
Mets Hernandez 2.5 Injured and old, but still performs decently
Braves Jurrjens 2.5 Young, but good minors numbers
Marlins Nolasco 2.5 Meh
Nationals Hanrahan 1.5 Double Meh


Phillies Lidge, Gordon, Madson, Romero, Lahey 3
Mets Wagner, Heilman, Feliciano, Sosa, Schoenweis 3.5
Braves Soriano, Boyer, Ohman, Acosta, Ring 2.5
Marlins Gregg, Tankerslym Lindstrom, Miller, Gardener 2.5
Nationals Cordero, Rauch, Rivera, Ayala, King 2.5