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I got a bad feeling about this...

From yesterday's boxscore:

b-G Jenkins PH 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000

That alone doesn't mean much unless you know the context.  Hanrahan comes  in to relieve Chico (who shouldn't have made it out of the 3rd inning, grrr).  Werth leads off with a walk (that's my boy) and Ruiz follows with an RBI double to make it 6-4.  Good time to bring in Jenkins against a righty since he is awful against lefties.  Jenkins is announces and tubby the left hander is called from the pen.  This now seems like a good time to use Coste or even Helms as they both would likely to be better against King than Jenkins.  But no, Jenkins hit and struck out, uglililiy.  Lots of that was forgotten because Jimmy tied it up in the next AB with a homer.

So, why would you hit Jenkins there when he already knows he is part of a platoon (since Werth started on opening day)?  Could it be because he is part of the bigger and cheaper picture?  The Phils are shelling out 105 mil in payroll this year.  We all know that they can't be happy about that.  A few big time salaries come off the books next year like Gordon's, Thome's and...Burrell's.

Burrell is slated to make like $13 mil this year (correct me if I am wrong).  This seems like the perfect set up for this team to slash payroll and blame it on bad timing and that Burrell won't be worth the money.  I am guessing that they hope Burrell has a HUGE year so that they can say they don't want the same mistake to happen again by resigning him and letting him walk.  What does that leave us?

An outfield of Werth, Victorino and Jenkins.  Nice and cheap and the payroll is back down to the 90 million range.  This may just be my mind wandering a bit, but it sure seems like a situation that this front office has been planning ever since they signed Jenkins.  Why have him bat against a lefty otherwise?