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Your Newest Phillie: Rudy Seanez

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So much for the opening day roster I posted yesterday.  According to the Los Angeles Times (via, the Phillies have signed Rudy Seanez, who was released by the Dodgers last week.  The Phillies are probably going to return Tim Lahey to the Twins (although, after yesterday, most fans would like Tom Gordon sent to the Twins instead).

I've always been a fan of Seanez's and have wondered how he escaped Ed Wade's grasp.  After all, this will be Seanez's eighth major league team.  How has he never been a Phillie?

His career stats show a middle reliever who suffers from what most long-serving middle relievers suffer from: an up and down career.  But, Seanez's ups have been pretty good, and if he was signed by the Phillies at a good price (likely since he's a waiver claim), I am a fan of this move.  Yes, he's 39, but three of his last four years he's had an ERA under 3.80.

If he can give us 50 to 60 innings in that area, I'll take it.