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Byle Bendrick

Sorry buddy, but with a line like this,

2.1IP 4H 7R 1ER 6BB 0K


you no longer are allowed to have the initials KK but rather BB.  So far this year, Bendrick has thrown 7.1 innings with just 1 strikeout, pitcher Josh Fogg.  The signs were there last year with just 49Ks in 121 innings.  The walks were something I did not expect, but it looked like he was afraid to let them hit his pitch since he knew that they weren't going to miss.

In general, it is way too early to raise a red flag after the second game of the season, and I am still willing to give Bendrick a chance.  However, I felt last year was a mirage and that he was going to need to significantly raise his strikeout rate to have any sort of sucess at the majors.  A lot has been talked about his maturity, but does it really matter if you can't get guys out?

The real issue here is that we don't have anyone to even replace him if he continues to pitch as he did yesterday.  If you do replace him, is it temporary or are you looking to bring up a prospect, hoping he fills that spot which then would leave Bendrick in the minors the entire year.  I give him until the end of April to see if he can reacquire last year's magic.  But, by then, who knows if you need to replace another starter in our rotation.