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Keep Snelling

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Lose Taguchi.  I guess that is all I really have to say, but I think this team's bench is markedly better with Snelling over Taguchi.  It's funny, when Gillick picked up Snelling for cash considerations, I thought that was a highly unGillicky move, and a very good one.  Of course, he reverted to form by signing Taguchi, which left Snelling as the odd man out.

Who knows what the season will bring, but Snelling has had very good  minor league numbers (especially his OBP).

Minors: .311 .385 .472

Majors: .242 .358 .395

Not much power, and I certainly didn't expect last night, but only injuries have really kept him back.  He isn't young anymore, he is 26, but younger.

Taguchi on the other hand has always been a light hit kinda guy.

Majors: .283 .335 .392

And there is no real expectation that he'll do any better than that.  He is almost 38 and is making slightly over 1 million.  He may have trade value, but there may be a reason why he signed with the Phillies (only they were willing to give him a million bucks).

The bench looks a lot deeper with Snelling, especially with hackerific Dobbs also manning the left side of the plate.  I hope snelling really givesthem something to consider over the next 2 weeks or so and that they make the right baseball decision and not the best value decsion.