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Game 18: Perez vs. Moyer

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In the second game of this series, two somewhat less heralded but still impressive left-handers follow the Santana-Hamels main event. Oliver Perez and Jamie Moyer faced off eleven days ago in Queens, with Moyer eventually registering the victory in the Phils' 5-2 win. That was also the game in which Jimmy Rollins hurt his ankle, and it was the last of nine straight Phillies wins over the Mets. Since then, New York has won an error-strewn blowout, an extra-innings one-run affair, and last night's faceoff of aces. We aren't quite at the point where sports radio yakkers and beat guys chronically on deadline in both cities are speculating whether "the Mets are in the Phillies' heads," but two more defeats at the hands of the New Yorkers will put us right there.

Meanwhile, Rollins has been in California for a family funeral the last couple days, but is back in uniform for this afternoon's game. It's unknown whether or not he'll be in the lineup; my guess, based on both the last eleven days of guesswork and the Phillies' inept handling of injuries, is "no," though there's also some chance that he'll start, reaggravate the injury, come out and then finally go on the DL. Either way, they could really use their star leadoff hitter and Mets bete noire.