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Game 23: Moyer vs. Suppan

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We were down with technical difficulties last night, but if you watched the game, you realized that might have been just as well. The heroics of Pat Burrell, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels ultimately proved not enough to overcome Ryan Howard's struggles, Jayson Werth's brain farts , and Charlie Manuel's bad judgment, and the Phillies lost a painful 5-4 decision at Milwaukee's Miller Park to Prince Fielder and the Brewers.

They're back at it this afternoon, sending Jamie Moyer and his batting practice fastball against a team that, as the Brewer announcers remarked about 130 times last night, is 6-0 against lefties and has the scalps of Hamels, Johan Santana, Ted Lilly and Barry Zito on its collective belt already this season. Milwaukee starts Jeff Suppan, whom the Phils have smacked around pretty good in his career (3-5, 6.18). But Howard--who has looked utterly clueless at the plate the last two weeks--is sitting today. Also strange is that Carlos Ruiz starts the day game after a night game, with Chris Coste on the bench.