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Lieberthal Coming Back (for a day)

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He's coming out of retirement, signing with the Phillies, then retiring again. 

Mike Lieberthal, who spent 13 of his 14 major league seasons as a catcher with the Phillies, will retire as a member of the organization on June 1, the Phillies announced today.

The last player to retire as a Phillie in this manner was outfielder Doug Glanville in 2005.

Selected by the Phillies as the third overall pick in the 1990 draft behind Chipper Jones (Braves) and Tony Clark (Tigers), Lieberthal holds the franchise record for most games caught at 1,139, despite seven trips to the disabled list.

"Philadelphia has always been a second home to me, so I'm really looking forward to this," Lieberthal said in a statement. "I spent half my life there and still follow the team closely on television."

I know it's goofy, but I love stuff like this: it's a reminder that the players aren't just mercenaries. If it was good enough for Eagles greats Seth Joyner and Keith Byars , it's good enough for Lieby. Maybe Jerry Seinfeld is right that in the end, we're just rooting for laundry --but apparently there's at least a little bleed from the uniform to the men underneath.