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It always pains in April

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I think I have determined the real issue with the agony of a bad start.  The Phillies are 2-4 which isn't good, but, in reality, all teams go through multiple stretches of winning 2 out of 6 games.  The Phils will likely do it again, but it won't feel as bad.  I think it comes down to expectations.  If this were 1990, then we might actually be happy with a 2-4 start.  What drives me batty is that they are a good team and you want to jump on that bandwagon at the starting line.  While we often over react to early season losses, it doesn't make them less painful. 

A loss in April is more painful than a loss in June.  While it certainly doesn't mean more to the team, it definitely hurts my fragile psyche more.