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Fantasy Baseball, week 1 results

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Here are the current standings:

1.   The Padilla Flotilla 339.90
2.   Productive Outs 282.30
3.   The Foul Zone 272.00
4.   team jonk 259.20
5.   Occam Razors 256.90
6.   Philafornia 246.00
7.   Cloggin up the Bases 237.50
8.   Jackie Treehorn 233.00
9.   MyersWifebeatersClub 217.60
10.   Los Mini Pigs 210.50
11.   700 Level 205.40
12.   trade4ericsnow 200.10
13.   Ottoman Umpires 174.20
14.   Sobchak Security 127.80

Padilla Flotilla is leading the way behind Tim Hudson's abd Daisuke's good start pitching and Chase Utley's good hitting.  He has good numbers from all his starters but Posada.

Productive Outs is all about the pitching with Ben Sheets showing he can still do it and Jake Peavy being the #1 starter thus far.  Dye is putting up big numbers for him as well.

The foul Zone is doing it with smoke and mirrors thus far as Nate McClouth and David Murphy are leading the way hitting.  Felix Hernandez has been his only reliable pitcher.

Team jonk is riding Pat the Bat's hot stick and has gotten good performances from Rich Harden and Ian Snell to stay in the top 5.

Occam Razors has been getting it done with Wang as his only good starter thus far and some good hitting by Torii Hunter.