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May 16, 2008: Purcey vs. Moyer

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The Gilick Series resumes in Philadelphia tonight, with the scuffling Blue Jays coming to town hoping that they do to the Phils what AL opponents traditionally have done: beat them like a rented mule. Toronto is sort of the Junior Circuit version of the San Diego Padres, with excellent pitching and anemic offense--though the club's current four-game winning streak has brought them within a game of .500, an accomplishment the Padres might envy. The Phillies miss Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay in this three-game set, though of course the Jays miss Cole Hamels. Toronto's offense is further depleted by the recent injury to outfielder Vernon Wells; Matt Stairs, Aaron Hill, Alex Rios and onetime Phillie great Scott Rolen will try to pick up the slack.

Blue Jays starter David Purcey will be the fifth straight lefty the Phils have faced. He walked seven Cleveland batters in his major-league debut on April 18, earning a no-decision in 4 1/3 innings. With one career start, he's just 558 behind Jamie Moyer, who goes for the Phils.

Phils lineup: Rollins/Victorino/Utley/Howard/Burrell/Werth/Feliz/Coste/Moyer