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Game 35: Kendrick vs. Owings

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The Phils and Diamondbacks go at it again in the desert--relatively speaking, I mean-- this evening. Slugging pitcher Micah Owings takes the hill for host Arizona, Kyle Kendrick for the Phils.


Philadelphia Phillies @ Arizona Diamondbacks

05/07/08 9:40 PM EDT

Philadelphia Phillies Arizona Diamondbacks
Shane Victorino - CF Chris Young - CF
Eric Bruntlett - SS Augie Ojeda - 2B
Chase Utley - 2B Eric Byrnes - LF
Ryan Howard - 1B Conor Jackson - 1B
Pat Burrell - LF Stephen Drew - SS
Geoff Jenkins - RF Mark Reynolds - 3B
Pedro Feliz - 3B Jeff Salazar - RF
Carlos Ruiz - C Chris Snyder - C
Kyle Kendrick - P Micah Owings - P