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Game 37: Hamels vs. Misch

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Those looking forward to Hamels/Lincecum II: Timtastic Colealoo might be disappointed by the actual matchup, but the Phillies hitters probably are okay with avoiding LIncecum's electric stuff just a day after getting shut down by Arizona ace Brandon Webb. They managed to chase Patrick Misch a week ago tonight after four innings, scoring four times off five hits and two walks in an eventual 6-5 win. The 26 year-old Giants righty is looking for his first major-league win; he has no decisions in two starts this season and is 0-4 for his career.

The Phils should get a boost from the long-awaited return of Jimmy Rollins, who will be leading off and playing shortstop after his activation from the disabled list earlier today.


Philadelphia Phillies @ San Francisco Giants

05/09/08 10:15 PM EDT

Philadelphia Phillies San Francisco Giants
Jimmy Rollins - SS Fred Lewis - LF
Shane Victorino - CF Jose Castillo - 3B
Chase Utley - 2B Randy Winn - RF
Ryan Howard - 1B Bengie Molina - C
Pat Burrell - LF Aaron Rowand - CF
Jayson Werth - RF Rich Aurilia - 1B
Pedro Feliz - 3B Eugenio Velez - 2B
Carlos Ruiz - C Emmanuel Burriss - SS
Cole Hamels - P Pat Misch - P