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June 12: Moyer vs. Olsen

The Phillies look to avoid getting swept for the first time in 2008 as Jamie Moyer starts against the Marlins this evening. Florida has never beaten Moyer; he's a perfect 8-0 in eight career starts. It makes some sense that a lineup full of young sluggers who feast on the fastball might struggle against a guy who literally can't bring it any harder than 82 miles per hour, but Florida's hitters have seen Moyer so many times in the last three seasons that presumably they'll figure him out at some point. Of course, the Phillies can say the same about Tim Redding or Ricky Nolasco, pitchers with considerably less pedigree who nevertheless always seem to befuddle the Fightin's.

Scott Olsen takes the hill for the Marlins. Olsen--whom I like to think of as the Bizarro World Cole Hamels (lefty, born a month later than Cole, but has little control on or off the mound, probably not a big hit with the ladies, low strikeout rate this season, etc)--really detests the Phillies. On the other hand, he seems to be an antisocial sort in general.


Philadelphia Phillies @ Florida Marlins

06/12/08 7:10 PM EDT

Philadelphia Phillies Florida Marlins
Jimmy Rollins - SS Hanley Ramirez - SS
Shane Victorino - CF Jeremy Hermida - RF
Chase Utley - 2B Jorge Cantu - 3B
Ryan Howard - 1B Mike Jacobs - 1B
Pat Burrell - LF Cody Ross - CF
Jayson Werth - RF Luis Gonzalez - LF
Pedro Feliz - 3B Matt Treanor - C
Carlos Ruiz - C Alfredo Amezaga - 2B
Jamie Moyer - P Scott Olsen - P