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June 16: Myers vs. Boggs

End of the road trip today as Brett Myers squares off against young Mitchell Boggs, who earned his first career win against the Reds on June 10. That's all I know about him. But he must be good; he's batting eighth!

Interesting Phillies lineup today with Jayson Werth batting second and playing CF for Victorino and Greg Dobbs in for Feliz at third base. Coste is behind the plate, as he generally seems to be for Myers.


Philadelphia Phillies @ St. Louis Cardinals

06/15/08 2:15 PM EDT

Philadelphia Phillies St. Louis Cardinals
Jimmy Rollins - SS Skip Schumaker - LF
Jayson Werth - CF Aaron Miles - SS
Chase Utley - 2B Ryan Ludwick - RF
Ryan Howard - 1B Rick Ankiel - CF
Pat Burrell - LF Troy Glaus - 3B
Geoff Jenkins - RF Chris Duncan - 1B
Greg Dobbs - 3B Yadier Molina - C
Chris Coste - C Mitchell Boggs - P
Brett Myers - P Adam Kennedy - 2B