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Pat Burrell the All-Star

It's not very often that a player gets to beyond his peak and finally plays well enough to be an All-Star.  Pat has had some good years before, but none that made you think he got screwed out of a spot among the game's best.  This year it is different and it isn't even close.  Not only is Pat an All-Star, but he should be the starting left fielder (for either side).

First, let's look at his simple slash line:


The next best LF in terms of slash numbers is Jason Bay with:


Pat has the highest OBP and the highest SLG which results in the highest OPS of any left fielder in baseball.  And it isn't even close.  The difference between #1 and #2 is the same difference between #2 and #14.  Yeah, you read that right, Pat's OPS is 115 points higher than #2 who is less than 115 points higher than the 14th best OPS player (which happens to be Carlos Lee at .822).  That is sheer dominance so far this year. 

Let's look at some stathead numbers:

Pat's EqA (Equivalent Average) is .338 (same as Utley's).  For those who don't know, this number is equivalent to how often we see a hitter with a .338 BA in baseball.  Not that often. #2 EqA is Jason Bay at .324. 

Pat's VORP (value over replacement player) is 30.8 and Bay is next at 27.0. 

I don't think this is even close, but sadly, I am not sure if he gets selected because he isn't an "all-star" name like Matt Holliday or even Jason Bay.  Pat more than deserves to be on the team for the first time and considering his past 3+ years it is an honor long overdue.