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June 21: Saunders vs. Myers

The one that got away returns to Philadelphia tonight as Joe Saunders takes the hill for Los Angeles de Los Angeles de Anaheim. Saunders was a fifth-round draft pick of the Phillies in 1999 who did not sign with the club, and evidently is still irked about the course of negotiations. Either he's lying, the Phillies are lying or (my guess) everyone involved is a truly lousy communicator. In any event, the 10-game winner and likely all-star will try to secure a series win for visitors as the accursed farce that is interleague play continues.

The Phillies start their top pick from that same '99 draft, Brett Myers. The Inquirer's Jim Salisbury called out Myers in Friday's paper, noting that the usually-cocky righthander seems to lack confidence as well as a willingness to throw his plus curveball--the pitch I thought was key, along with his cutter, to the success Myers enjoyed as a starter in 2005-2006. Whatever the reason, the Phillies badly need Myers to get right or get out of the way (if, say, he's injured), and with five losses in their last six games, now would be a good time for him to turn it around.

Two other quick notes: Chase Utley gets the night off, and I apologize for the disappearance of last night's game thread. I don't know why it didn't post. I'm putting this one up four hours before the game (I won't be around this evening) to guard against a repeat.