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June 22: Weaver vs. Hamels

This might not be panic, but it's at least squirmish discomfort: with the Marlins just a game back and the Mets and Braves looking renewed, the Phillies' run of six losses in their last seven games has pushed Charlie Manuel to shift his lineup for Sunday's series finale. Between the infusion of Greg Dobbs toward the top of the order and the presence of Cole Hamels on the mound, it's obvious this is a game the manager badly wants to take. Chase Utley returns to action today as well. It doesn't figure to be easy against Jered Weaver, however; the 25 year-old has 30 wins and a 3.67 ERA in 62 career starts.


Los Angeles Angels @ Philadelphia Phillies

06/22/08 1:35 PM EDT

Los Angeles Angels Philadelphia Phillies
Chone Figgins - 3B Jimmy Rollins - SS
Erick Aybar - SS Greg Dobbs - 3B
Howie Kendrick - 2B Chase Utley - 2B
Vladimir Guerrero - RF Ryan Howard - 1B
Torii Hunter - CF Pat Burrell - LF
Gary Matthews - LF Shane Victorino - CF
Casey Kotchman - 1B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Mike Napoli - C Carlos Ruiz - C
Jered Weaver - P Cole Hamels - P