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Thread in which readers can comment on the goings-on during the June 28, 2008 baseball game between the visiting Philadelphia Phillies and the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas

dajafi's attempt to help the Phils out mojo-wise by flipping the script on our game thread title format has so far been unsuccessful, so I'm just taking it a step further.

So last night was bad. Like, really bad. Again.

Hopefully, with Hamels on the mound tonight, the Phillies can get something going against Our Old Friend and Chris Wheeler Nemesis Vicente Padilla, who is 10-3 this season and has been pitching quite nicely.

The Braves have already lost, and the Mets are behind 3-1 during a rain delay in the 6th inning. Let's get some mo-men-tum back.

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