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A thread-based discussion forum brought to you by The Good Phight, in which hyperbolic and hysterical comments may be posted regarding the base-balling contest between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Texas Rangers.


Chase Utley and Ryan Howard showed glimpses of their former (true?) selves last night, smacking home runs off Space Cadet Vicente Padilla, and the bullpen held on by its fingertips as the Phils won 8-6.

Tonight we have Rangers rookie Eric Hurley squaring off against former Texas Ranger Jamie Moyer. Hurley was 3 years old when Moyer joined the Rangers. Moyer is coming off a game last week against Oakland where he struck out nine batters in under seven innings, but lost 5-2 after a seventh inning meltdown.

Hopefully the Phils' lineup can feast on Hurley, a righty who has surrendered three home runs in 17 innings pitched this season. And by me typing that, I have condemned us to a thrilling 7 inning, 4 hit, 1 ER performance.

Be good, kids.

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