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BUMP: Phillies hate Philly

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Editor's note: This was originally posted in June 2008.  Updating the comments section with more current information.

It's true, we suck.  Yesterday, I was listening to Chase talk about his first AB after he had his grand slam homerun as his first hit.  The Phils were up big, he struck out and people booed him.  Now, I have no idea if that is what happened or if he just remembered that as happening, but does it matter?  It just matters what he thinks. 

Taking this sa step further, tallied up the home winning percentages of all teams in MLB since 2004.  Here is the chart:


Team  HomeW% RoadW%  Diff
TBA     .516    .340     .177
MIL     .569    .394     .175
BOS     .655    .508     .147
COL     .530    .385     .146
TOR     .558    .419     .139
PIT     .500    .371     .129
SLN     .572    .450     .122
HOU     .572    .455     .117
SEA     .507    .391     .116
TEX     .556    .443     .113
NYA     .645    .537     .107
ATL     .585    .481     .104
MIN     .586    .494     .092
CIN     .508    .418     .090
LAN     .554    .466     .088
KCA     .428    .346     .082
OAK     .575    .501     .073
CHN     .549    .479     .070
CHA     .568    .499     .070
CLE     .558    .496     .062
ARI     .490    .429     .062
NYN     .548    .492     .057
FLO     .515    .463     .052
SDN     .541    .496     .045
DET     .523    .479     .044
SFN     .496    .460     .036
LAA     .591    .559     .031
BAL     .478    .448     .029
PHI     .544    .530     .014

That's right, the Phillies have the WORST homefield advantage in all of baseball.  In fact they are practically playing with no homefield advantage.  How is this possible, especially with our new park?  Are we that bad at home, or are we just that good on the road?  BP suggests that it may be due to our fans. 

" It’s also funny to see the Phillies at the bottom of the list when half the time their fans seem to be rooting against them."

I don't even know how to even argue that point.  It could possibly be true, but hardly any evidence points to it (well, other than testimonies like Chase Utley's).  I actually think it has more to do with management than anything.  I'll give credit where credit is due and while they are bumbling oafs up there, we did get to the playoffs last year and have been a consistently above average team for most of the decade.  Enough with the faint praise, the biggest problem with the management is not taking advantage of the talent that is here.  Slight upgrades get us nothing and bone headed moves keep us running in place.

I need to find other reasons why this has occurred.  Maybe it is the fans, but maybe we are missing something. 

Here is my #1 reason:

Moving back the left field wall.  Might be one of the stupidest decisions in the history of this team.  Our left fielder is a right handed power hitter and slow.  So, what do we do, we make it HARDER for him to hit homeruns and give him MORE ground to cover as well.  Are you kidding me?  This move has prompted Burrell to be replaced in the late innings and has likely hurt this team more than his defense would have.  What could possess this franchise to move the wall back when it clearly benefits their player more than any other.

What else?