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Period. 7/13/08

The "first half," really the first 60 percent of the season, ends today at OFJOAB with a pitching matchup to dream on: Brandon Webb versus Cole Hamels. Webb leads the NL in wins with 13; Hamels, though I haven't checked this definitely, probably leads the NL in non-win quality starts, with five (three losses, two no-decisions) as well as two other blown quality starts which he lost. He's gone at least seven innings in seven straight starts; with Webb on the mound, coming off a complete-game win over the Phils the last time he faced them, and a bullpen depleted from Adam Eaton's latest Fecal Adventure, the Phils probably need an eighth straight deep start from their ace to have any hope of finishing the "first half" in first place and on a winning note. Both Florida and the Mets now trail by just a half-game.

One fresh arm in the bullpen today is Joe Bisenius, called up to replace R.J. Swindle. The TGP favorite struggled in LOOGY duties in each of the first two games against Arizona. Here's hoping he makes it back and thrives.


Arizona Diamondbacks @ Philadelphia Phillies

07/13/08 1:35 PM EDT

Arizona Diamondbacks Philadelphia Phillies
Stephen Drew - SS Jimmy Rollins - SS
Conor Jackson - LF Shane Victorino - CF
Orlando Hudson - 2B Chase Utley - 2B
Mark Reynolds - 3B Ryan Howard - 1B
Chad Tracy - 1B Pat Burrell - LF
Chris Young - CF Geoff Jenkins - RF
Chris Burke - RF Pedro Feliz - 3B
Robby Hammock - C Chris Coste - C
Brandon Webb - P Cole Hamels - P