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Jimmy, where's my MVP?

Jimmy's MVP award was definitely a debatable topic.  He had great counting numbers, but his rates were good, but not great.  I am not going to deny him what was a truely great year for him.  However, that was last year and this is this year.  I think we can all grasp that concept.  Yeah, Jimmy was hurt, but does that excuse his average play so far this year? 

Rollins has the following line:

.267 BA .331 OBP .432 SLG

.763 OPS

He ended last year with this line:

.296 BA .344 OBP .531 SLG

.875 OPS

He has tailed off in all categories, but his power is ridiculously down by 100 points. 

Looking at his career, the .531 SLG may be the anomoly and not the rule.

2008: .432 (-99)

2007: .531 (+53)

2006: .478 (+47)

2005: .431 (-24)

2004: .455 (+68)

2003: .387 (+7)

2002: .380 (-39)

2001: .419

He didn't have much power when he came up, but appeared to be developing it as he approached his peak years.  His IsoP (Isolated Power) really bumped up in 2006 to .200 up from being in the middling .100s.  He gave it another nice bump last year to .235 before dropping back down to 2004 levels at .165 this year. 

What does that say for the rest of the year?  Well, probably that we can expect a decent power surge from Rollins compared to what we have seen.  Will we see him slugging over .500 at year's end?  Probably not.  I think he may be able to slug about .485-.500 for the rest of the year which could put his year end SLG in the .450 - .460 range.  I have never been a huge fan of Rollins, primarily because of his low OBP.  But his high SLG is definitely a benefit at his position and if the Phils are to continue to lead the NL East, we will need Rollins to increase the 2B/3Bs as well as the HRs a notch and I think he will.