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Congratulations RJ Swindle - Your Newest Philadelphia Phillie!

To replace Brett Myers, the Phillies called up RJ Swindle today.  Yup, the RJ Swindle that has become a Good Phight favorite.  The RJ Swindle who throws a curve in the low 50s and a fastball in the mid 80s.  The RJ Swindle that did a great interview with us earlier this year.

I know I speak for all of the Good Phight writers and readers wishing RJ the best of luck in the big leagues.  His minor league performance has been outstanding.  Even with a few rocky performances in early June, RJ comes to the Phillies after posting a 1.93 ERA with the IronPigs and a 0.54 ERA with the Reading Phils.  All told this year, his minor league numbers are sickening:  1.35 ERA in 40 innings pitched, a 48:6 strikeout to walk ratio, and a 0.85 WHIP.  After being jerked around by a couple other organizations, RJ certainly has earned his big league invite.

Go get 'em RJ!