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Has it been done before?

I was skimming through the last 30 years of stats and then got bored, so, I figured I'd ask if anyone else out there knows:

Has there been a year where the top 3 homerun guys are all from the same team? 

The answer is yes, but with an *.

Home Runs

Ruth-NYY 60
Gehrig-NYY 47
Lazzeri-NYY 18
Williams-SLB 17
Simmons-PHA 15

While they did lead the league, times were a different back then and I really don't put much credence into this when the top guy hits 42 more homeruns than the 3rd guy.  Maybe I should rephrase the question to modern days.

A few teams come to mind like the 20s Yanks or the Big Red Machine or the late 90s Colorado teams.  It seems that just in my skimming, the closest was a team that didn't even have one guy lead the league. 

The 1973 Atlanta Braves had the #2, #3 and #4 guy in homeruns. 

Stargell-PIT 44
Johnson-ATL 43
Evans-ATL 41
Aaron-ATL 40

That was pretty close too.

The 1997 Rockies were close too...

Walker-COL 49
Bagwell-HOU 43
Galarraga-COL 41
Bonds-SFG 40
Castilla-COL 40

Anyway, I bring this up because the Phils have an outside chance (it's always outside with this stuff and how Pat only plays 2/3rd of the games) to do it and not just in the league (as the Yankees did) but in all of MLB.

Howard-PHI 29
Dunn-CIN 28
Burrell-PHI 25
Utley-PHI 25

Get your punk ass out of there Dunn.  Ok, there are 2 guys at 24 and while I suspect Howard will keep up the pace, I am not so sure about Pat and Chase.  That is quite a lot of power coming from the middle of our order.